Project No. 9
Board Track Racer

Here's the start: Original 32VL frame and front end bought on a swap meet.


And here is the power plant and tyranny:

A brand new 87ci Knucklehead from V-Twin and stock 4speed HD tyranny.

The engine features alternator left side and generator right side S&S case, Sifton oil pump, S&S 4 5/8" flywheels, Timken main bearings and Sifton lighting cam.

Compression ratio is 8.25:1

Next thing is to build a nice old style tank: good planning helps:-)

First step is to build a cardboard model:

  As a second step I made a wooden model that will allow me to form the sheet metal

  Now the sheet metal can be form around the wooden models

The wooden frame on top of the metal allows for positioning and also as a guide to shape the inside step feature in the side panels.

Right side close to be finished;-)


And on the bike!

Looks pretty cool so far, doesn't it?

By the way, I will use a 18" wheel in the back and a 21" wheel in the front

The right side of the tank is for gas only. The left side will accommodate the battery as well as the oil tank. The oil tank will be in the front and the battery is supposed to sit in between the oil and the gas which will be located in the rear part.

The Speedo finds a place in the right side.


Now the welding:

The left side is quite time consuming because it is split for oil and gas and the battery sits in between. The vent and return lines are build inside so all three lines can be mounted on the bottom of the tank.

On the right side the difficult part is the through whole for the speedo.

But at the end it was worth the sweat and swearing.

Mikuni carb and internal throttle.

The exhaust is made from innox steel tubs (welded by Sandra).

Oil and gas lines from copper tubing.

The cool steering damper I got from Ferdi for my 40 anniversary.

Below: battery box mounted on the frame.

And finally the paint!!




My first pine stripe work.


And testing it out!

That's all folks.

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Thanks for your interest.